Versatile and Practical

The 1720 Gen III has all the same characteristics as the original 1720 Flyfisher with a few upgrades. By moving the fuel tank under the deck,  the Gen III has a small live well in the bow casting platform, large enough for a couple dozen of shrimp or pilchers to keep you in the game when it counts. Go aft and replenish your bait once an hour instead of every couple minutes.

The 1720 Gen III also has more storage space in the bow making it more appealing for the family beach outings or simply more space to store all your gear.



Centerline Length17' - 2"
Hull Draft (depends on load)7" - 9"
Weight (fiberglass parts)910 lbs
Weight - Hybrid (Kevlar / CF)710 lbs
Cockpit Size92" x 59"
Capacity6 people
Maximum HP140 HP
Transom Height20"
Fuel Capacity28 Gallons
Gunwale Width13"
Deadrise (degrees @ transom)17°
Rod Tip Tubes8