Radical, Racy and Innovative

With all the qualities Action Craft is famous for, like a high performance modified deep “V” hull design that eats up rough, choppy bay waters, the midsize 1820 is amazingly dry riding. Built with state-of-the-art construction techniques and Action Craft’s Pocket Drive®, the 1820 can easily pole or run in shallow water.

The 1820 appeals to anglers who are looking for a full-featured, high quality, shallow draft coastal fishing boat with all the latest innovations and styling. Action Craft designs boats with the whole family in mind, making sure that there is room for the family and everything needed for a fun day on the water. Action Craft’s improved self-draining cockpit, wider gunwales, and modified diamond nonslip finish are just a few of the features you will enjoy on your new FlatsMaster.



Centerline Length18' - 2"
Hull Draft (depends on load)8" - 10"
Weight (fiberglass parts)975 lbs
Weight - Hybrid (Kevlar / CF)775 lbs
Cockpit Size90" x 59"
Capacity6 people
Maximum HP150 HP
Transom Height20"
Fuel Capacity28 Gallons
Gunwale Width12"
Deadrise (degrees @ transom)17°
Rod Tip Tubes8