Service and Support

Action Craft Boat’s Commitment to our Anglers:

Action Craft Boat owners have invested their hard earned money when they purchase Action Craft Boats, the world’s premium flats and bay boats. Our passion is not to be just a boat builder, our obsession is to build each boat that will surpass each angler’s expectations!

Success is your goal: Each time you launch your Action Craft Boat your goal is to have a successful day whether you are casting your favorite top- water plugs, fly fishing your home made fly, crabbing, diving for lobster, or just spending time with your family in your Action Craft Boat. When you have a successful day, Action Craft had a successful day! Success can also be measured on the days when the fish are not biting and there are no crabs in your pots! Each Action Craft Boat staff member and craftsman are empowered to go the extra mile for our customer if the boat launch is not perfect!

High Expectations from Action Craft: Very few people in this world need a boat. Most of us don’t make our living on the water, but the time we spend on the water is priceless. Action Craft Boats understands that each of you have many choices when it comes to buying a boat. Our expectations of ourselves are set high, and it is our focus to treat all Action Craft Boats owners as if they did make their living on the water and failure is not an option!

Committed to our Family: Whether you buy a new or used Action Craft Boat, you are always welcome and have become a part of the Action Craft Boat family. Like in all families at the end of your fishing day, we will always be there to listen to your fish tails and laugh with you about the 30 Permit that broke your line at the boat. Correct your story when you tell your buddies about the 190 lb Tarpon you caught, when you meant to say “the 45 lb Tarpon”, or just dream about your next fishing adventure. Action Craft promises that we will do our best to help you do your best!

Tight lines and Great Fishing!